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YESLAND concept is to treat and protect our land in the right way. Our team are mainly composed of Asian agricultural experts with practical experience , research and development capabilities. We have experimental farms in East Asia, North America and South America, and working with leading agricultural practitioners in various countries.

Diet is the basic needs of human beings. The modern agricultural form after World War II increases global agricultural grain production rapidly, but it also brings serious damage to the land and environment, the elimination of natural diversity, and chronic harm to human health.

We have a high level of practical experience and R&D capability. We've put efforts in promoting the restoration of the earth nutrition, research on agricultural refining technology, anti-extreme environmental agricultural law, process of bacteria screening purification, prevention and control of resources development, energy food research and etc. We produce high-quality products and keep developing in new agricultural technologies and diverse enzyme formulations, also provide domestic and foreign legal technology licenses.

Technology & Vision

With experience and technology, we are trying to slow down the process of transformation from traditional chemical farming to environmental-friendly farming to improve the quality of crop.

Efforts are being made to establish an independent agricultural system, which does not rely on excessive resource input and has self-sufficient agricultural organisms in a given area.

To make sure the long-term preservation of agricultural products,we've developed diversified technology to transform primary agriculture into agricultural products. Rural areas can fully increase productivity and the added value at the same time, and self-sufficiency rate of agricultural grain will also increase as well.

We are looking forward to the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity, bring peace to the society with the right concept of agriculture.

Group Development and Overview



Our experimental farm is located in the eastern part of Taiwan and grows organic fruits, tea, coffee, and crops. We also cooperate with technology transfer farms to form a diversified product supply chain.

We have our own agricultural processing line, commercial brewery factory, and food processing factory. Currently cooperating with the top biotechnology companies in Taiwan and China. We produce special enzymes, natural beauty products, health foods, concentrated oils, emergency food packs, energy meals, craft beer and various alcohol products.

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