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Terms of Service and Disclaimer
1.Disclaimer of Yesland

In accordance with the following terms of service to provide web services such as websites. When you use the site, it said you have read, understood and agreed to accept all of the following Terms of Service. Yesland reserves the right to modify the contents of the Terms of Service at any time and, after any modification or change, to continue to use this website as if you have read, understood and agreed to the revised Terms. The content of the web page is provided on the basis of "status" and "existing" and the site expressly declares that there is no express or implied warranty, including, but not limited to, commercial suitability, applicability for a specific purpose, and no infringement of the rights of others.

We do not guarantee that
(a) the service will meet your needs. Any products, services, information or other data purchased or obtained will meet your expectations.
(b) Information are not disrupted, provided in a timely manner, secure, or error-free. The results obtained from this service are correct or reliable.

We guarantee the following:
(a) Yesland products, are not medical supplies.
(b) If the company or individual finds infringing content on this site, they can contact the customer service staff of this site, this kind of message will be removed once it is found to be true.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All content on the Yesland website: text, graphics, audio-visual arrangements, program data editing, etc., are protected on copyright, patent rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. Person unauthorized by Yesland can't reproduce, republish, upload, download, alter, distribute, edit, publicly disseminate or otherwise illegaluse. Only the display of the web page may be used for non-commercial and personal use, provided that all patent copyrights, trademarks and other notices of ownership are kept intact.


3. Advertising services and third parties provided informations

Non-Company advertising content, text, captions, display samples or other sales information you browse on Yesland are provided by advertisers, product and service providers. The correctness and credibility of advertising should be at the discretion of the consumer. Yesland is only entrusted with advertising and is not liable for the aforementioned advertisements.

The site will work with third party companies, manufacturers and other companies to provide information including news and content for the site to be published for consumer reference. The content provider will be indicated at the time of publication on this website. However, based on respect for the intellectual property rights of content providers, the site does not make substantive review or modification of the content provided by the site, and is not responsible for the correct authenticity of such content, consumers should be self-judged. If you believe that something is infringing or false, please go to the content provider to respond.

4. Information Provided

In order to facilitate the buyer and the same good search and retrieval, published information from newspapers, websites, research units, agricultural research units, medical research units and so on, involving different units of research insights, experience, views, from public evaluation, consumers should be self-judged. Yesland makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the data contained on this website and is not responsible.

The Company has made every reasonable effort to ensure the basic credibility of the data provided by the website. However, the Company refuses to acknowledge the accuracy and completeness of any data contained on the Website, and does not make any representations in this regard.

The raw materials of Yesland products are provided by suppliers, the responsibility for their products is on their own.

5. System Failure
Due to the use or reliance on any data contained in this website, it is advisable to take self-protection measures, if the Service due to force majeure disaster, room failure, computer virus, telecommunications line failure, transmission of information was stolen, hacking, war, resulting in interruption or failure of the service, resulting in inconvenience or loss of data, errors, tampering, etc. or other economic losses. This site will not be liable for legal liability as a result. However, we will do our best to protect and strive to reduce the potential losses to our customers.

6.Rights to Reject or Terminate your use

You have to agree that Yesland may close you or discontinue the use of the Services for any reason or we believe that you have violated the express provisions and spirit of these Terms of Service. In addition, this site shall not be liable to you or any third person.

7. Privacy Protection

Based on respect for privacy and the protection of the capital law,your personal information registered will be fully protected.



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