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Return & Replacement

1.Out of stock

Products can't be sent out in normal working days due to non-peak season, commodity shortage and etc. Customer service agents will notify you and will take care of your order as soon as possible.

2.Defective Item

The Company's products have passed product management procedures, please contact customer service if you've received defective products due to shipping mistakes. Leave your name, identity, address, and return receipt, the customer service agent will handle it. If there is shortage, it can be replaced with same price item or ask for refund.

3. Items Discrepancy

If the product sent does not match with your order, please contact the customer service. leave your name, address, and the customer service agent will handle it as soon as possible.

4.Declare of Warranty Period

If the company's products are ordered online, the goods shall be enjoyed within 7 days of the appreciation period (including a holiday) in accordance with the provisions of the Law on The Protection of The Protection of The Products. However, exceeding the statutory period of the Protection Act will affect your right to return and exchange, please be aware. Product return needs to be in new status, and attached to the complete packaging, product accessories, shipping orders, invoices (if the order has freight invoices also attached), please keep the full reservation sent back to the company, convenient return and exchange operations.

5. Postage of Return & Replacement
If found for the company's negligence: the wrong goods, the goods themselves have non-human defects, resulting in return and exchange. Our staff will complete the charges of return after the return and exchange procedures, by check registration return. If due to personal taste, preferences arising from the return and exchange situation (non-commodity factors), customer should pay for the charges of goods return or exchange.

6.Flow of Return & Replacement
When handling return and exchange, the customer service staff will call you to confirm the return and exchange cause. After leaving your name, address, personal information and confirmation of receiving the product and attachments (product full packaging, product accessories, shipping slips, invoices, freight invoices). Our staff will refund the item fee by cheque within two weeks. For exchange, we will collects goods after confirmation and customer service staff will ship out the exchanged goods in a week after the exchange confirmation.

7.The following situations are not refundable:

(1) Direct purchase on the internet which exceeds the appreciation  
     period of goods is not in the legal appreciation of protection.

(2) Damage caused by human factors after purchase, such as failure to
     store in an appropriate manner, resulting in product corruption.
     Man-made product defacement and so on.

(3) Customer ordered the wrong goods or required invoices for return
     and exchange such as shipping orders and other documents are

(4) Goods will be shipped to the shipping address filled in , and the order may not be cancelled by misfilling or not matching the data.
Any questions about the product, please contact our customer service staff at "Contact Us" page.



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